Magento Deployment Race: AWS, Azure vs Jelastic PaaS


Magento is considered as the biggest open-source e-commerce solution. It is estimated that over 220.000 active websites are running on Magento with such big brands as Nike, Ford, Lenovo and Samsung among the users.


75 Interesting Facts About Magento (Infographic)

The possibilities of this website builder are endless but require a note of competence in coding. The installation of Magento also demands some technical skills and can be a complex and time-consuming task for many.

Let’s analyze what current cloud providers offer in terms of Magento deployment to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Below you can watch a video (prepared by Jelastic PaaS provider partner Hidora) to compare the Magento installation process on top of AWS, Azure and Jelastic PaaS. Review and make your own conclusion which option is faster, easier, and smoother for your project.

The video is timed so that the actual environment creation and deployment process begins at the same time in all three cloud marketplaces. The total length of the video is approximately 12 minutes, feel free to speed up and play faster if you are not interested in all details. The image below shows the time it took to deploy Magento on each platform.


The easier the installation, the less effort needed for the configuration of basic stuff and more time dedicated to project growth.

Are you working on an e-commerce project? Make the right choice and let Jelastic PaaS be your personal sysadmin – simply register a free trial at our Jelastic PaaS platform and test drive Magento installation with the needed configuration in just several easy clicks.

SOURCEJelastic, Inc.