How to Migrate a WordPress Website to Jelastic PaaS


4295-1-wordpress-logoThis article is intended to help with smooth migration of WordPress websites to Jelastic PaaS using pre-configured WordPress packages available in the marketplace. Follow the simple steps to make the migration-flow painless and secure.

1. Access the Jelastic PaaS dashboard and create a new WordPress environment (cluster or standalone) from the Marketplace.


2. Log in to your application server via SSH and generate a keypair with the ssh-keygen command.


3. Output the generated public key with the following command:

cat .ssh/

Then select and copy its content to the clipboard with Ctrl+Shift+С / Сmd+C shortcut.


After that, add the public key to the WordPress environment by pasting it from the clipboard.


4. Go to the admin panel of the source WordPress website. Find, install and activate Migrate Guru plugin.


5. Go to the plugin’s tab, fill out the email field, accept the terms and press the Migrate Site button.

6. Choose the FTP protocol within the opened page.


7. Then fill out the form choosing the SFTP secure file transfer protocol.



  • Destination Site URL is a link to a new WordPress website (custom domain or default domain provided by Jelastic PaaS after the environment creation, e.g.,;
  • SFTP protocol to ensure secure migration;
  • Destination Server IP/FTP Address and Port can be taken from the Host and Port fields at the Jelastic PaaS dashboard SSH access section;
  • FTP Username should be taken from the respective field with the automatically generated Username (e.g., 70-2);
  • SSH Key is a private RSA key you’ve generated at step 2. You can select and copy it from file .ssh/id_rsa of the user’s home directory via the Web SSH terminal with Ctrl+Shift+С / Cmd+C shortcut at the destination environment;
  • Directory Path is a path where the WordPress application is installed. In Jelastic PaaS, this is the /var/www/webroot/ROOT/ directory.

Finally, scroll down and press the Migrate button.


8. After passing data validation, the migration procedure begins.


9. When the migration procedure is completed successfully, visit your website by clicking the Visit Migrated Site button.

That’s all! Enjoy WordPress website performance and availability powered by Jelastic PaaS. Try it out at our Jelastic PaaS platform. If your case requires a custom solution or you need assistance while migration, contact our support to help you.

SOURCEJelastic, Inc.