Ruby Cloud Hosting with Jelastic PaaS (2018)


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Jelastic PaaS supports all of the latest major releases of the Ruby engine and provides the regular updates of the appropriate stacks, keeping them up-to-date. Currently, the following Ruby versions are available:

  • 2.2.10;
  • 2.3.7;
  • 2.4.4;
  • 2.5.1.

You can choose the required version during environment creation and quickly switch between versions afterward.

Ruby Environment Creation

1. Click the NEW ENVIRONMENT button at the top of the Jelastic PaaS dashboard.


2. Within the opened topology wizard, switch to the Ruby tab and select the desired application server (Apache or NGINX). Next, choose the Ruby engine version with the appropriate drop-down list in the central part of the frame.


Configure any other desired customization (e.g., cloudlets limit, public IP, region, etc.) and click the Create button.

Change Ruby Version

For existing environments, you can change the Ruby version by redeploying the container(s).

1. There are two options to access the container update dialog:

  • Using the topology wizard (use the Change environment topology button next to the appropriate environment) by clicking on the stack/tag version in the central dialog part;
  • With the appropriate Redeploy container(s) button next to the required node/layer.

2. In the opened window, adjust the following settings:

  • Tag – allows choosing the needed Ruby version;
  • Keep volumes data – saves data in volumes;
  • Simultaneous or Sequential deployment with delay (for scaled servers only) – defines whether all containers within a layer should be redeployed at once or one-by-one, to avoid downtime.


3. Click the Redeploy button and confirm via the appeared pop-up frame.


Done! In a minute, the Ruby version of your node(s) will be updated.

In addition, there is a set of other features and functionality provided by Jelastic Paas Ruby cloud hosting, among them:

  • Custom or Jelastic SSL;
  • Ruby application server configuration;
  • Dependency management;
  • Wide choice of managed databases;
  • Container firewalls, endpoints and environment isolation;
  • User-friendly UI and direct SSH access for management;
  • Open API and Cloud Scripting for automation;
  • Pay as you use pricing model;
  • Collaboration functionality for teamwork;
  • Multi-cloud distribution.

We are very pleased to provide you Ruby cloud hosting in Jelastic PaaS, with the features and flexibility to develop, to host and to scale Ruby applications without vendor lock-in. Start now for free and try the beneficial features of Ruby cloud hosting at our Jelastic PaaS platform.

SOURCEJelastic, Inc.